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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What shipping methods are available?

Unigen offers shipment via UPS, DHL, EMS, TNT, POST, Air and Ocean Freight.  Customers desiring air freight services must supply a freight forwarding partner at the export facility where transfer of custody would occur.  All liability for importation including risk of loss rest exclusively with the importer. Shipment are FOB Unigen export facilities.  Unigen recommends expedited shipping for new customers placing their first order.  Unigen reserves the right to MANDATE a given shipper for a given destination or customer in accordance with risk management and fraud prevention policies.

2. What is your typical order processing time?

Orders are generally processed within 2-3 days after confirmed receipt of payment, although processing time may extend for up to 1 week.

3. Methods of Payment

Orders must be prepaid via Telegraphic Transfer (Bank Wire) in advance of processing and shipment. Bank transfers permit rapid payment posting and order fulfillment. CREDIT CARDS and PAYPAL are NOT ACCEPTED.

Once you have completed your bank wire, kindly email your sales representative with particulars of the transfer.
International money orders from recognized financial institutions may be accepted for orders under $5,000 USD, however orders will be held until the instruments are fully verified by the issuing institution which may be several weeks in accordance with the Unigen risk management and fraud prevention policies. This method of payment is discouraged.

4. Currency of Payment

Most major currencies are acceptable for payment including EUR, GBP, USD, SGD, HKD, NZD, AUD, JPY, etc. The international ORDER FORM is in USD.  When you submit your order form for processing, advise us of the currency you will send from your bank and we will convert the final order price to your HOME CURRENCY.

5. Importation Liability and Indemnification

Purchaser assumes all risks of liability for importation of Unigen products into their receiving country including but not limited to customs clearance, import permits, duties, fees, taxes, licensing, and reporting requirements.  Unigens shipment terms are FOB. Customs clearance, duties, and fees are the exclusive responsibility of the purchaser. Orders are deemed fulfilled at the point of transfer of custody to a common carrier for shipment. There are no reshipment services. Risk of loss is exclusive to the importer. Please refer to the order form for additional policy details.

6. Insurance

Insurance is available for most shipping destinations for an additional fee based on a percentage of order value.

Generally it is the GREATER of 1% of value OR $25 USD as an overriding minimum.
Example: If your order costs $1,000 USD. 1% of $1,000 = $10 USD. The minimum charge of $25 USD would apply.
Example: If your order costs $10,000 USD. 1% of $10,000 = $100 USD. The charge would be $100 USD for coverage.

Note that the insurance charges apply per airway bill. Orders shipped on multiple airway bills will have separate insurances chargers per shipment.

7. Evaluation Samples

Free samples for evaluation are no longer available due to excessive demand. Potential distributors desiring to evaluate products may requestan exception by submitting proof of distribution of capacity.

8. Excluded Countries

Unigen policy restricts shipment to select countries. Customers must advise their sales representative of their intended receiving country to verify acceptability. Note that Unigen does not ship to countries which classify these pharmaceutical and special controlled or scheduled substances, including but not limited to the United StatesAustralia, Canada, Germany, and France.

Customers with special importation licensing and/or permitting may forward same if requesting an exception for their country. Unigen does not offer an explicit list of available countries and responds to each request individually.

9. Importation Exception Rules & Special Import Permits

Customers with government approved special importation privileges, licensing, and/or permitting may email to request policy exceptions.

10. Volume Discounts for Wholesale Accounts

Discounts are based upon order size and order history. Prepaid volume programs provide the ability to purchase a fixed discount rate across multiple orders. Ask your sales representative for more details.

Discounting and list prices are subject to change without notice.

11. Order Processing

Order processing begins with the customer completing the Order Form (price list) and signing the bottom of the form to acknowledge our policies. Please read the form and the FAQ carefully as liability and responsibility for importation rests exclusively with the purchaser and Unigen is not responsible for the clearance process or fees, duties, documentation, etc associated therewith. Shipments are considered FOB and Unigen liability ends with transfer of the goods to the common carrier for shipment.
Once completed, the ORDER FORM must then be FAXED or EMAILED to us for processing. You may email your sales representative directly with your order as an attachment.  We will review your shipping preferences and generate an invoice which will be emailed to you with payment instructions.

Once remittance is confirmed, the order will be routed for processing and pick-and-pack and you will be advised via email once the order has been shipped. Generally processing requires 2-3 days but in some cases may require up to 1 week.

12. Rejection of Orders

Unigen reserves the right to reject any order for any reason at its exclusive discretion.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions are available in the Unigen Support Knowledge Base.

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